SEMrush vs. MOZ: Top SEO Marketing Software’s Comparison

In this era, every business aims to be the best and wants to be ranked to the top. They use multiple elements to make sure they achieve there. Most of the companies use SEO today. Seo or Search Engine Optimization is the most important in the business world and the world of marketing today. SEO increases the quality and quantity of a website by making it visible.

A lot of big or small organizations use the process of SEO to increase traffic on their website and their website looks the best and on top.

SEO is basically a mixture of many different elements such as keyword research, page speed, user experience, links, mobile-friendly, etc.

There are many tools on which SEO relies on which help to improve rankings. The best tools in the digital market today are SEMrush and MOZ. They are hands down the best tools ever founded. There are many other tools of SEO too but the most famous and used tools are these two. The reviews are great, the software offers a lot and both will help you to increase organic traffic. Most digital marketers use these two tools for their efforts in marketing. But what is the difference between both of them and which is better than the other one? The text below shows a comparison between SEMrush and MOZ ad their capabilities.


Let’s start with SEMrush. SEMrush is a Boston based software company that was founded on August 3, 2008. It was founded by two Oleg and Dimitry as an SEO tool. This is an SEO tool that helps to generate traffic by doing keyword research and looks for opportunities and design strategies that help the company beat its competitor. SEMrush has over 5 million users who use this tool to grow their businesses. It helps every small or big business to become visible with minimum investment. The pros of using SEMrush are:

  1. A free or trial version is available so that you can check and see for yourself.
  2. User friendly. Which means anyone can use it without any problem or complication.
  3. Easy to navigate.
  4. It is great for content marketing, competitive research, and keyword research.

SEMrush offers solutions for a lot of things. Following are the things which are easily done by SEMrush:

  • SEO
  • Organic research
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Content advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Backlinks
  • Projects
  • Brand sentiment monitoring
  • Paid search
  • Topic research

Everything in this world comes with its pros and cons. Pros have discussed, have a look at the cons of SEMrush:

  1. After the free version, prices are too high which not everyone can afford.
  2. Inaccuracy in data is possible sometimes.
  3. The backlink analysis of SEMrush is not good. Most people do not recommend it.

SEMrush basically offers a lot so who can use it? Anyone but there are some specific people who should use it and it is idle for them. Those are

  1. Professional SEOs
  2. Software companies whose revenue is more than 500,000 and is growing too.
  3. Ecommerce firms who do SEO and paid.

Big companies like WIX and are the users of SEMrush.


MOZ is a Seattle based Software Company that was founded in 2004 and it was founded by Rand and Gillian. This is also an SEO tool that helps to generate organic traffic and helps improve sites’ overall SEO. The MOZ works for a specific type of user. MOZ is best for people who have medium scale or small scale business because they need to know how well they are doing and they need guidance specifically on how to increase their rankings. MOZ capabilities are not as wide as SEMrush. In 2004, MOZ was just a consulting firm but then in 2008, it shifted to SEO Software Company. Like SEMrush, MOZ too have pros which are listed below,

  • Good value from their free tools.
  • MOZ has excellent support.
  • With pros come cons too. Some cons of using MOZ are:
  • It is very expensive if you want to use the paid version of it.
  • They have lost market shares over the last 5 years.
  • MOZ does not offer as many tools as SEMrush but it does offer some very helpful tools such as:
  • Pro campaigns
  • Keyword explorer
  • Site audits
  • Link research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • Custom reports
  • SEO tools

Who Should Use MOZ? MOZ is Idle for Which Companies? This Question is Solved too Below:

  1. Professional SEOs
  2. Owners who small or medium business
  3. Any business who need specific recommendations

Both of the best SEO tools that are SEMrush and MOZ are discussed here. But now the important question which one is better and why?

Both tools are easy to use. It does not depend if you are a beginner or an advanced SEO professional. SEMrush offers 10 search free per day and on the other hand, MOZ offers 10 free searches in each category per day. If you buy them, you will get unlimited searches. SEMrush offers a 7 day trial period and MOZ offers a 30 day free trial period. SEMrush offers four packages while MOZ offers three packages. If you compare both the tools, MOZ is more reliable because sometimes SEMrush shows inaccurate data. But if you are looking for a tool that offers a wide range of functions, go for SEMrush. SEMrush offers a lot more than MOZ. But if you have a small business, you do not need a lot of things SEMrush offers. Go for MOZ.


SEMrush and MOZ are excellent tools for professional SEO services. One should try both and then decide what is more use them. The best part is they both have trial versions so you can try and then decide. Everyone has their own mixed opinions about it. Some will recommend MOZ and some will recommend SEMrush.

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