Best Sites Directory Submission list 2020 – 2021

Are you struggling with increasing the views of your blog but failing miserably? That is one of the most common issues of everyone who owns a blog site or any website in general. For a website to get successful, because a higher number of views are very important as it directly affects the domain authority and search engine prioritize pages/sites with higher DA. To increase your site’s traffic so the best thing to do is to submit it to a web directory submission site. All the major search engines like Google make use of these directories in order to give a suitable rank to your page on the Search Engine Result Page. Additionally, you can also create useful and effective backlinks with the help of these directories.

What is Directory Submission in SEO Service?

Before anything else, you need to get hold of the concept of what is directory submission in order to understand its working and benefits fully. Directory submission is basically like a telephone directory. In a telephone directory, you save the contact information of your family, friends, and mutual; because similarly, in directory submission all the information of the website is stored on the basis of which search engines rank the sites. Its benefits are quite direct like increased domain authority, so ranking and site traffic that affects the ranking of your page on SERP.

Types of Directory Submission

However, not all the directories are worth giving your site to. There are many directories that are spam and instead of benefitting your page, can ruin its high authority and high DR. To avoid such scams and troubles you must understand the different types of directory submission in order to know the most suitable one for your page. There are three different types as follow:

Free Submission Site: These directory sites are free of cost and you can get your blog registered without spending any money. However, these directories do not promise or guarantee instant approval, and therefore, creating backlinks could be a bit more technical than other sites. Because you will need to put in extra effort and time to create an effective backlink.

Paid Submission Site: These are the paid version of directory sites. You will have to pay them a certain amount of money to get your page registered, however within the next 24 hours they will give you a backlink, and therefore, paid directory submission site looks more convenient.

Reciprocal Submission Site: These directory sites work on a give and take basis. You will have to add their provided link on your site and then they will proceed with your site’s registration. These are neither paid nor entirely free because the directory site owner gets service in return.

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites

To help you gain a full grip on the concept of directory submission sites, the following is an insight of all its benefits.

  • The concerned website will get greater online exposure which will improve its SEO as well. It will also get a high page rank. According to many experts, paid submission sites are better and faster as compared to the other two.
  • The backlinks created will be of greater value directly giving you a high PR.
  • Directory submission provides guaranteed and faster search engine indexing. Your articles will be indexed on search engines quite soon after the submission.
  • Additional benefit if you have the knowledge of using the right keywords. Your blog will appear instantly when the user searches relevant keywords.

Steps for Directory Submission

Directory submission could get a bit tricky and therefore, professionals suggest using an auto-fill plug-in or extension followed by the steps mentioned below.

  • Go through the instructions and guidelines given on the page of the submission.
  • Mark your concerning niche and sub-category and this is a very important step.
  • Fill in all the authentic details.
  • Submit the form by clicking the submit button.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation message which will basically say something like ‘registered, in line for approval’.
  • After that when you receive the submission URL, save it somewhere or copy.
  • Open the next site on the directory submission list and repeat the procedure of submitting your blog.

How and Why Web Directory?

Directory submission is not rocket science and once you understand the basic steps, mentioned previously, you can easily submit your blog/website to the US directory website list. Our aim is to help you with your high page rank through dofollow links and therefore, we are keen to put out all the necessary information regarding the directory submission as it plays a vital role in excellent SEO services. Being said that, we also want to bring it to your knowledge that not all the 5000 directory submission sites list that you find on the internet would be authentic.

Always make sure to double-check from several different updated listings to avoid the hassle later. Do not take these directory submissions lightly, so as it can make or break your page ranking; quite literally. If you are in good directory submission, so search engines like Google will consider your page authentic and valuable. On the other hand, being in a scam submission could entirely ruin the image of your blog and the search engine might fully decline your presence. Following is the trusted directory submission list 2020 for you to easily find a reputable and trusted directory for your blog without worrying about any sort of scam.

Websites Domain Authority Page Authority 42 49 52 59 58 66 50 58 55 58 51 58 50 58 49 57 34 43 44 51 51 58


We have tried to provide you with everything and you need to know regarding directory submission to make your journey on the internet easier and more beneficial for you. Discussed above are the steps of submission as well as 250+ sites list for you to easily know where to go. Let us know if any site is not working or problems so we can also check and fix our information for the viewers.

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