What is Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

What is Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

It is a sister branch of standard SEO. Small businesses use it for engaging their local public by utilizing optimizing mechanisms of business website. The aim of businesses is to appear or rank higher in local search results.

Why it is Important for SEO?

Latest research and surveys reveal that 46% searches on Google are recorded as local in their geographical range. It means about half of the searches are initiated by the local public living near to one’s business. Moreover, 71% people search on the internet before they visit a business center like a restaurant or shopping mall. The only reason is that they want to confirm the location of their desired purchase point. Further study shows that 33% searches made on smart phone before visiting the store. These are amazing stats showing the significance of Local SEO. All this made possible only by effectively and consistently practicing SEO at a customized level. In this piece of article our content writing services brings for small businesses all the best explanation regarding the question that why Local SEO is important for Standard SEO or SEO. Prominent points are as under:


Local SEO for Services Businesses

A hospital, doctor, or medical practice always tries to attract more and more patients to broaden their base. Local SEO gives them the best and easiest opportunity to meet their targets. The medical facility is a must for any human society. The nearer the hospital or the doctor the better it is. This is the general mindset of the public when they seek any medication. Here comes the role of Local SEO services which can boost the effectiveness of the website of the subject service business point. In Local SEO business contact information, location link and distance are given to facilitate the local public living in the vicinity of the hospital or clinic.

On any search initiated from the local population seeking health care facility, Google will rank the point higher if the business has maintained its Local SEO strategies on its website. The same goes for restaurants, Lawyers, newspaper sites, local universities, or college or government offices in any area.

Local SEO Helps Businesses Lower Advertisement Expenditure

This is a very simple concept. Every small business finds it difficult to reach more public. As a result, certain advertisement cost is an endemic part of their limited budget. However, Local SEO strategies, if implemented help their business to rank higher in every related Google search. Google always ranks a Local SEO driven business website above to that of a standard SEO. Hence, chances are higher to grab the customer without extra ads or advertisement campaigns. This trick works well in searches inserted by the local public like “Dentist near me” or “Motor garage near me”. In both cases, the local service point will appear above to the standard SEO websites. Therefore, maintaining Local SEO in a business website is dually advantageous for local businesses. On the one hand, it attracts more customers which broadens its base. It helps businesses to grow without initiating expensive advertisements or marketing campaigns, on the other.


Local SEO is a Tool to Facilitate Customer

The customer is the center of the whole business’s existence. No customer means no sales, no income, and no business, and so on. Local SEO is an effective tool to convert web users into loyal customers. Above all, this is the dream of every small and large business. The information Local SEO uploads on the website about the business is instrumental to satisfy or dissatisfy the target customer. If the contact information of the hospital or restaurant is clearly given in its optimization mechanism, the chances are higher than the customer will visit the point. Obviously, the target customer’s experience with the business will start from his home at the time he makes a search on a search engine like Google.

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