SEO Optimization For Mobile App

Do you know that retail brands that have the latest mobile apps benefit greatly? Do you want to know how? They do so with the help of mobile app visibility that is shown in Google’s search results. See for yourself and search for Amazon, Group on, Target, Group on, or other websites and you will see that alongside the overall local listings, brand website listing, and social profiles, website’s searchers are beginning to check out links to such brands’ iPad, iPhone, and even Android app pages, exactly on the primary page of Google.

The URLs of these app pages are depicting tremendous opportunities to take over the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages for mobile and desktop searches, with massive payoffs.

Optimization through organic search:

Search engines display, index, and rank various app pages for mobile users, and app-mania instantaneously drives a linear extension of ordinary webpages in terms of social popularity and backlinks – influencing them extensively on organic search results.

The net effect and greater google visibility encourage more app downloads. This means that when there will be more downloading, the app store popularity will be driven even higher resulting in the popular apps gaining more search visibility. This may be bad news for those mobile users who have mobile apps with better performance but don’t make it to the list of the most popular apps. That gives light to the urgency and opportunity for brands so that they can SEO optimize app pages to increase search rankings and assist in driving app popularity.

Check out a few mobile app SEO tips to optimize your apps for the top Google rankings on any sort of brand inquiries:

Featuring Your Brand:

The app name certainly doubles like the link anchor text in the android market and the app store. When you get these sites linking to the app profile page while making use of your brand name in the form of a link, it’s a bit threatening to tap into their huge link equity. Make sure that you are featuring your brand name prominently in both, the app name and the download page URL.

Linking App Profile Pages From Home Pages:

While many brands ignore these important links, you have to direct the link equity, particularly of your most essential pages, at the app download pages.

Suppose that you are building a section or landing page which is just for your apps with features, reviews, and screenshots, etc. But then again, it must also contain links from those essential pages of your website.

Mention Your Brand in the Link Text That Aims at App Download Pages:

There are many brands that link the app profile page and do not include the brand name. This is a huge mistake! Don’t ever do that. Make sure that you signal that the android app page or app store is all that your brand is about.

Providing a QR Link for Downloading Apps From Your Landing Page:

Make use of QR codes to give visitors using desktop site convenient app access. The app download is triggered by the QR once it is scanned, on the right device. Before you start generating the QR, don’t forget to compress the link.

Promotion of Your App to Mobile Searchers, Users, and Bots:

Do you know the most interesting part? You already have a large mobile audience waiting for you to make it easier to find and explore relevant mobile apps or pages.

When mobile users hit your website, remember to give a link on top of your page so that they can download the app which is suitable for their device.

You’ll find these tips helpful once you start working on them. Around thousands of people spend most of their time on mobile phones and what’s better than making their experience the best one? You get to see the magic of a fully optimized website and they get to enjoy its effectiveness. If you want to make the best use of the mobile app SEO tips, you should get in touch with the SEO experts Pakistan so that you can create a sound user experience.

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